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i want to buy ssd for my new build pc..but wondering how to do it..i have 1T HDD installed on it with windows 7..i want to keep my hdd for storage and use the ssd for do i do it?do i have to delete the windows from hdd then install the ssd?should i remove the hdd with windows installed on it and install the ssd then download the windows then put the hdd with windows on it?pls i need trying to look for guide but cant understand..pls help and sorry for my english
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    The easiest way is first to connect the pc only with the SSD and complete the windows installation. Meaning disconnect your old HDD(this is to remove confusion for noobs)
    Do not forget to set the SSD as your top priority boot device among other HDDs in BIOS.
    After you are done, reconnect the HDD and just format your old Win7 installation...and you are all set...

    Usually I prefer to have a fresh install of Windows for every new HDD/SSD which is planned for system.

    There is another way, which is to clone your Win7 partition move it to SSD and adjust several things...but this is not noob friendly and I prefer to have a clean fresh install :)
  2. thanks guanyu210379 for to set the ssd as top priority boot device?
    can u give me a guide?and how to format my old hdd..i have the ssd (crucial m4 64g) but i havent install it yet..sorry for asking too much,everyone is free to help and some tips..thanks in advance :)
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  4. Sorry, it took so long for me to continue this topic. I was away to a plcae without proper internet connection for more than 6 weeks and just got back home today morning.
    1. Setting the SSD as the highest priority boot device is by changing the boot order in BIOS
    2. Formating your old HDD? There are plenty of ways. Try to use something like :
    formatting the hdd from windows or using a software such as GParted.

    I am again really really sorry for this really really late answer...I do hope you have managed to get your SSD running in your system....
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