Hd radeon 4890 overheating problems

I just built my first computer and it seems my only problem with my system is with my video card. I have a XFX HD Radeon 4890. I did a little research about how hot it was getting and it seems that is about average for the card getting as hot as it gets, about 63 C when i play my games maxed out. But my problem is when it gets that hot i get a lot of tearing problems, lines everywhere areas of my sreen turning grey ect. So my question was. Is it the card being to hot or the card in general that is causing my tearing problems? Also i went into the Catalyst control panel when i first got it and turned the graphics up to quality bc im pretty sure my system could handle it and i got some blue screens and i tuned it back down, i concluded it was my over heating problem. Just in case here are my system specs.
-Sata deskstar hard drive
-Radeon HD 4890 graphics card
-Asus M4A79XTD EVO motherboard
-AMD Phenom 2 Black edition Processor
- DDR3-1600 PC3 12800 4GB(2GB x 2) from G.Skill
-All with windows 7

And please include with your answer any suggestions to help the problem.
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  1. 63 is normal. its definitely not overheating. I have my 4890 running at temperatures of about 65-68 under load (albeit, OC'ed), and it works great.

    i would think the problem might lie with the power supply. it might be a case of inadequate power to the GPU
  2. It could be power supply, or it could be the card itself having problems. Have you OCed it at all? It sounds like it might be a VRAM or GPU problem. If you are trying to run it at stock settings and its giving you those problems, there are a couple of things to try. First- make sure you have the latest drivers. Your system should be able to max the quality settings on most things without any trouble. If the drivers don't help, then it is either your PSU is underpowered for your system, or your card is having hardware issues and you'll want to RMA it.

    What PSU are you using?
  3. Rosewill Green Series RG700-S12 700W Continuous @40°C,80 PLUS Certified,Single 12V Rail,ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V v2.91,SLI Ready,CrossFire Ready,Active PFC"Compatible with Core i7, i5" Power Supply

    not sure what all is relavant information in there so i just copy/paste it from newegg...that is my power supply
  4. It is stock settings and i do have the latest drivers
  5. Just as reference, my XFX 4870 was hitting 98celsius in my old computer case.

    In my new computer case HAF 932(3 230mm fans, 1x120mm) it was still hitting 80 celsius.

    Your 63celsius sounds low. Not sure what the tearing problem is though.
  6. Sure sounds to me like you've got a bad card- possibly bad VRAM. Your heat is well within normal range, your PSU should be MORE than capable of those settings, you have the latest drivers, so there shouldn't be an issue there. If you just built the system, you shouldn't have any old nvidia GPU drivers on there or anything like that. I would verify that you have it seated properly, and the power cables are securely plugged in, and if all that looks good, I think you'll end up having to RMA it.

    EDIT: I almost forgot- you might want to try plugging the Video card into the other PCI-E x16 slot and see if it makes a difference. It probably won't, but its worth a try before you go to RMA.
  7. If you have tried different Drivers and you still get the same issue then it is time for an RMA....
  8. it is not overheating, my 3870 once got up to 80 with dual monitors with COD4 and it was fine, usually around 60-70 in gaming and 50 doin notin

    so no, its not overheating
  9. get riva tunner and get it to run colder.

    manual settings are just fine but I had the same problem with my 4870 1gig gdr5 playing far cry 2 at 1920x 1080 on a 52 inch lcd tv sharp or my 24 inch lg.

    riva tunner solves many problems. it is just a manner of hearing that fan run louder under heavier loads. my pc would heat up my apartment if I found it cold in here. just left the game running at 1920 by 1080 and shut off the monitor. it will produce a lot of heat and needs to vent it out... kick out or gently remove the back panel to your computer desk if it is in the desk and make sure your desk far enough from the wall for the air to circulate freely in the back of the tower. an make sure that if the desk has a front door, remove it or open it to permit fresh cold crispy air to drawn into the pc tower. a number of things can be the problem

    heat from the video card, hard drive over heating. CPU, ram, power supply. if you got for example like me as ram corsair dominator with heat sink and fan that mounts above the ram make sure it is running if you plan on over clocking it.

    just make sure that your pc can breath freely like you. hey would you like it if I shove you in my trunk of my car in the summer and leave you there for a few hours, you would probably die from the heat. the pc is the same... it needs to breath in cold air from the front, and exhale the hot air out the back.



    oh and before my card was on default settings and running around 80 degrees Celsius under heavy load, got it now down to 55 and 65 degrees Celsius under heavy gaming.
  10. well the max temperature reaches upto 74C after running under full load for hours....but it dosent have any such issues as you mentioned...
  11. I think it has already been clearly stated that the problem here is NOT ACTUALLY OVERHEATING. There are other issues here (it helps to read the whole thread and the question before trying to answer. Clearly when the card is only hitting 63C maxed out, thats not anywhere near too hot for the GPU. Its probably a bad card that needs an RMA.
  12. So i put in a different graphics card that a friend of mine let me borrow, not 100% on the model but it is a Nvidia card and i seem to be having the same tearing problems with this card as well so, ive already RMA'd my ATI card, now i just dont know what the problem might be. Any ideas? I wont really be able to fully test it out until the new card comes in but if thats not it i just have no idea
  13. zapacna

    What case do you have?
  14. Rosewill Wind Knight
  15. Do you have a second PCI-E x16 slot on your Mobo? If you do, you may want to try your card in that slot.
  16. My 4890 OC from MSI was overheating at 105*C, would freeze up and the driver would reboot. This every 2 minutes of play. I turned it in and got 2x5770 because I didnt' want to wait for the rma. Cost me a bit but I'm happy with the results, as well as being whisper quiet.

    At 6x*C, you shouldn't be having issues. Check with the manufacturer and see if you can exchange it. Also, try underclocking it to see if it fixes your issues, by about 80/100mhz. If that gets rid of the issues, heat is the issue, but only because the chip is faulty.

    On top of this, take out your video card and inspect the motherboard. Verify that the PCIe slot is solid. It might be the motherboard that needs to be RMA'd. Try a different video connector as well. It could be your video cables.
  17. flyinfinni said:
    Do you have a second PCI-E x16 slot on your Mobo? If you do, you may want to try your card in that slot.

    +1 to that
  18. My diamond hd4890 was hard locking my computer while gaming. Temps seemed ok but no matter what i did it would not help. So i took the cooler and fan off. Thats where the problem is. it had a big wad of thermal paste on it . to much thermal paste will insulate rather than transfer heat. I cleaned it off and also found the pad on the cooler to be very rough. What i did was use 1000 grit sand paper to smooth it and polished it with rubbing compound. Added artic silver 5. end of problem the case and vga temps went down. no more hard locks
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