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I am trying to do a clean install on a brand new hard drive of Windows 7 but I cannot get the CD to boot when I start my laptop. I went into the BIOS and have the drive order with the CD/DVD booting first. When i start the computer, it shows the HP introduction screen but instead of starting the Windows 7 installation like it should, it just shows a blinking white cursor on a black screen. The laptop I have is a HP DV9700 AMD Turion64 with an NVIDIA graphics card 2 GHZ processor with 3 GB of RAM and originally came with Vista but there was a hard drive failure so i had to order a Seagate 320GB hard drive and formatted it. I know that this particular laptop has problems with a lot of people with the motherboard but I don't think that this is a motherboard issue. Just cannot seem to get the laptop to boot from the CD. I know that this CD can boot from startup since I have tried it on another computer. Can anybody give me any ideas on what might be preventing the CD from booting on this laptop?

Thank you
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  1. What CD is that anyway? It might be trying to load something that's not compatible with your laptop in one way or another.
  2. I have the same issue.
    DV9700z with AMD Athlon 64 (X2) and nvidia graphics card running Vista.
    My optical drive "disappeared" first 4 weeks ago. I could not get it back. Tried to install a new optical drive, same issue, device manager cannot see it. 3 weeks later, my HDD "died". Cannot boot windows. I see the HP invent welcome screen, then "No Operating System found" msg. I know the HDD works because I tested myself and just to make sure, had it tested.
    With this configuration, it is a known issue that the MB gets fried by the overheating of the graphics card.
    HP wants $400 to fix the issue and they say it's the MB.
  3. Im having the same issue... did anybody find a resolution to this?
  4. I ran into this issue on a compaq laptop and the MB ended up needing to be reflowed. You can google Nvidia reflow and find all sorts of tutorials. This fixed the cdrom not being seen but the HDD was still bad. So after a reflow and a new HDD the laptop works great.
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