700 vs 800 vs AM2+

Ok so i am in need to update my processor. Thinking of going for a 965 Black Quad core.
I already know this is on an AM3 socket

When i go to look at motherboards i have choice of
700 series (AM3)
800 series (AM3)
AM2+ (AM2/AM3)

I just need to know the overall net difference in these different sockets.

what are the advantages of each different type? and im guessing they do but do they all work with AM3 sockets
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  1. AM3 needs DDR3 RAM, AM2+ works with DDR2. You're planning to buy new RAM or reuse yours?
  2. ah well i have 16gb of crucial ballistix ddr2. So im guessing AM2+ is the best choice. Whats the benefits of ddr3 over ddr2 just better timings?
  3. Which motherboard?
  4. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MB-199-GI&groupid=701&catid=5&subcat=1482

    Would have to do some reading around though as only high end ones tend to have 16gb capability.
  5. Cool.. I just wanted to make sure your AM2/3 board supported quad, which it does.
    16gb of DDR2 xxx? speed? That's alot of ram to dump for DDR3. Ofcourse DDR3 is going to be faster, but what are your system specs for everything else? What do you do on the PC. Game, or do you like to have 50 IExplorer windows open, movies/decoding, or music.

    Where would the bottleneck be is what I'm trying to determine for you. 16gb of DDR3 is pretty pricey considering your motherboard
  6. yeah its about £400 of ram which i wouldnt like to dump if i didnt have to. Priced in ddr3 would be well over my budget so it seems like an AM2+ is the best. Mostly gaming but also ripping and quite a bit of rendering where it generally comes into play. I didnt used to have bottleneck problems on my 6400+ quad which was clocked about 3.6 dual but i know quad is layered rather than parallel cores.
  7. You can get a 955 BE C3 revision (HDZ955FBGMBOX), it's the same CPU as the 965 clocked a little lower. You can get at least 3.6 on standard voltage.
  8. I was just looking for the answer to something through yahoo and stumbled on this thread, just wanted to point out that AM3 processors do work with DDR2, I'm doing so right now.
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