How do I get a phenom II to work on asus m2n4?

just got a phenom II x4 940 and realized my current bios on my asus m2n4 is not compatible with it. as soon as bios starts to load it just shuts off. Is there an updated bios for this board somewhere that supports this cpu?
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  1. You cant run anything recent on that board, check out the CPU support list for it

    The first gen Phenoms arent even supported by your board.
  2. sorry but your motherboard does not support that processor... am2 does not support am2+ however am2+ supports am3 is some cases... but you need a new mobo in order to use that processor
  3. word, what is a reccomended board for that processor in the $100 to $150 range?
  4. I'm guessing you will want to use the ram you got which is prob DDR2 so you have to look at that when you are buying your board if you are useing a standard ATX case i would go with this gigabyte board.

    If you need a micro ATX board gigabyte makes this one which is also a solid board.
  5. thanks saa. :) yeah, I'll wanna use this ddr2. I'm going to check tomorrow morning if a local store has that board, if not I'll order it on newegg.

    thanks again guys.
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