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Im a first time builder and want to continue to build my system out. I use my PC for Revit, not gamming, my current set up is:
Case: Corsair 600T White
PSU: AX1200
CPU: Phenom II 1035T
Motherboard: Corsshair V Formula
Hard Drive: Caviar Blue 1T/Caviat Blue 1T
GPU: Radeon HD 5700
RAM: 8GB would like to upgrade to 16

I would like to overclock, I am also thinking of going to the FX8150 and in the future switching to intell. I like the multiple cores for revit for rendering purposes (GPU doe not do much with Revit).

Id like suggestions on watercooling, should I go with a closed loop system like the corsair H80 or build a full waterloop system.

If building a system, what are the best components (Pump, radiator, resevoir, Blocks, etc.) I dont mind spending more money for better components.

Let me know your thoughts as well as any suggestions on the system I have, what would you change, or do. What would be top of the line either AMD or Intell.

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  1. dont bother with liquid cooling, that cpu dosent pull enough power even overclocked to be worth it

    i would suggest the cooler master hyper 212+/evo

    and i wouldn't bother upgrading to FX, when you overclock the 6 core phenoms (especially c3 stepping) they have loads of power behind them

    ram is cheap atm, i would go for 16GB
  2. Watercooling is more choice than need, and if someone has the means to purchase it, that is their prerogative to do so. You don't need watercooling...just like you don't 'need' 16gb of RAM when 8gb is plenty for almost every power user or gamer.
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