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I have an Asus P5P43TD Pro mother board I inserted 2GBX2PC3 12800 1600MHz CAS8 Geil ram everything was fine but I decided I required more ram inserted 2GBX2 more but this time it was CAS9. Thats when the problems started blue screens on every start upbut when restarted would be ok for about an hour and then blue screen again. Reversed ram in the slots fine for 20 mins or so and then blue screen. Took ram back to retailer he swapped it out for 2 packs of CAS9. Blue screen on startup after restart fine but then software seemed to disapear. Reinstal software ok. Restart computer blue screen again. Restart agian ok but different software would not start up after few minutes blue screen.
Back to retailer who gave me back origanal ram saying would send other back fo testing.
In the mean time the origanal two sticks of ram are working fine. I find this very frustrating, is this normal with ram today?
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  1. All the ram has to have the same timing/voltages for the speed its being set at.

    And yes, ram is pretty commonly faulty. Probably 1 out of every 10 sticks.... In my own experience even worse than that. Even with very expensive ram. Basically when you're purchasing ram these days.. be prepared to have to send it back till you get a good set.
  2. Thanks blckhaze, much as I suspected, it seems that quality controll has been thrown out the window. Spoke to the dealer he is trying to find an exact match for the ram I have.
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