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I currently am using a q6700 on 750i motherboard. I plan on selling my cpu to get a q9550, since I will be paying about a $40 difference. My question is, I have been looking around and stumbled across the Xeon equivalent, the X3360. I don't know a whole lot about Xeon's, so how much better is it than the 9550, and will it work with my board?

here is a link to the 3360:

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    IMO keep your current setup and save for a real upgrade to a I5 750.

    I priced out a new system, and don't feel the need to spend $600 to upgrade to the i7, so I am just going to get a better 775 cpu. I'm not going to get a 1156 based anything, so that isn't an option.
  2. Are there any advantages to the xeon?
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    Xeon is a higher binned chip and should run a tad cooler.

    I found a new xeon for $235, and q9550 for $225. You think I should go with the xeon?
  4. good deal. thanks man.
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  6. ok, just to make sure. i'm not going to run into any errors or invalid instruction set crap, am i?
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