Building an i5 mid-range gaming rig - Please Comment

Hello, had bought a CoolerMaster 600W Extreme PSU and a GTS 250 512 MB a few months ago, but was asked to wait for the release of i5 and not go for the Quad core. I waited and now that the i5 is here, I have got a tentative configuration that I want to get:

-CM Elite 335 (Antec 300 is much better but it seems quite expensive)
-Intel core i5 750 with 8 MB cache
-Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2
-Transcend or Kingston DDR3 1333MHz RAM: 2x2Gb (Corsair is too expensive here)
-500 GB HDD (will have my older 160GB HDD as well)
-LG 192WS 1440X900 (it is very poor, but I am stuck with it for now - might buy a new one later)
-GTS 250 512 MB (I already have it - should be good enough for 1440X900)
-PSU CM Extreme 600W (A poor choice, but I already have it)

This is going to cost me around INR 30000 or about $600.

Is this a good config? I can see that the limit for gaming in this case is the GTS 250 but unfortunately I am stuck with it for now. Please comment or correct me - I don't want to make the same mistake I made in buying the CM Extreme Power PSU. The computer will be operating in a stressfull environment with high temperature, high humidity and lots of dust.
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    ^ The parts that you have chosen are all pretty good(Except for the PSU though)
    The UD2 is a very good entry-level mobo...
    RAM - Again the Transcend and Kingston are pretty decent if not good...So no major issues going with them...but dont expect them to overclock much(If you have a plan to)...
    And rest of the components are fine...
    If the Antec 300 is expensive, check out the new Antec 200...It should cost less than the 300...
  2. Last I checked, kingston's prices were all a bit over $100. You can save a bit by going for this (Tom's recommended) Crucial kit instead:

    Use that saved money to get an antec 300 illusion, newegg currently has it on sale for the same price as a regular 300, and is only ~$13 more than your current case:
  3. looks like the model "300 illusion" is the new "300" itself ... check antec's website , it mentions 2 front led fans included , but in the page for model 300 ... no page for illusion .
  4. I suspect that Newegg prices will not be relevant to someone who specified Indian Rupees as his currency...
    (Otherwise I agree with GKay09)
  5. First off, thanks to all of you for your replies. And yes, Newegg prices, and especially deals, are irrelevant to me, except for giving me a reason to curse shipping charges and custom duties! ;)

    I don't plan to do any overclocking, not in the stressful environment I mentioned earlier. But hopefully the i5 will automatically OC itself if the temperature is in control. I will probably get Transcend as I have good experience with it and it is cheap and easily available.

    Antec 300 is definitely too expensive - I checked it. Antec 200 might be more in my range but will it be better than the CM Elite 335 when both cost nearly the same. CM cabinet will definitely be readily available.

    I might shell out some extra money to get a Creative 2.1, a good keyboard and a nice mouse pad, but I can increase my budget slightly for that extra fluff.

    Again, thanks all, and if you have any further comment, please don't hold back :)
  6. The CM Elite is a cheap case. Every cheap CM case I ever bought had minor quality issues. None were unusable, but I got tired of tapping screw holes and snapping parts back into alignment. For cheap cases, I buy Rosewill now. None ever had a problem.
  7. that case I will see if I can get my hands on the Antec 200, as you are saying that even a low range Antec case is better than a CM Elite. I will see if Rosewill cases are available, but I doubt it. Thanks :)
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