My sata devices dont show up in the bios!

I can boot and go to the bios fine! However the bios dosen't show any of the sata ports as activated, despite both my dvd drive and my hard drive being sata. Also, I cant open my dvd tray to boot from a disk! did I plug something wrong? Or is their something I can do in the bios to correct this problem. Any advice, Thanks! Also, My phenom 2 x6 is showing up as being only a quad core, How do I flash the bios for a 6 core? And should I wait untill installing linux to do that?
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  1. did you plug the sata power cables from the psu?
  2. Yes, should I not have?
  3. grab both your drives and put them in some other system, if they don't work ther neither then it's the drives that are bad.

    if they did work in the other system, then grab your psu and do the same.

    if your psu works fine in there it comes down to the motherboard, you'd have to send it for replacement.

    it's a painful process but it's the only way to know for sure what's worng
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