Help me choosing psu...

my system is:
athlonII x4 620
4gb ddr2 ram (3pieces)
2 std Hardisk
radeon HD5850
1 dvd-rw drive

the problem is im confused in choosing budget but sufficient power supply unit for my system.
im considering on buying cooler master extreme 460w... is this ok??? or should i take the 500w of the same line??
OR... i should take other psu? suggestion plz
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  1. Personally i would rather go for little better PSU as coolermaster is only entry level.
    You cal look at OCZ ModXStream Pro or Corsair HX, they both use better quality components and have 82+/85+ % efficiency and should be also more silent.
    Also as 460w should be ok for your system it would be maybe good idea to go to little stronger PSU 500-600w which will give you more room for future upgrades(its no problem for PSU to run on 20% of its maximum watage and still have great efficiency).
  2. thanks 4 the help.... but i wont be upgrading this system further as my motherboard wont let me. so if im considering to upgrade i woulds start on a new setup of i7 system later. but for now this is the max setting for my system. so i need psu that will sufficiently support this system. not thinking of long term upgrades.
  3. ^ As I said the HD 5850 under load would pull a good amount of power...So skimping on the PSU might be a problem as the PSU would not be able to supply enough power for the proper working of the PC...So I would suggest spending a little more on a good PSU is the right thing...
    Atleast this - After rebates, comes to $45...
  4. Quick answer: Get an Antec Earthwatts 500 and have done with it.
    A bit longer: Low-end Coolermaster PSUs are not good for demanding systems. They typically cannot output their labeled ratings. and others have reviews.
    OCZ is better, but I've been reading comments lately that they really cut some corners on components. I'd be concerned that they'd start out ok, and could output their labels, but would have long-term component quality issues.
    I've never read a bad competent technical review of any Antec PSU >= 500W, including Basiq (excludes 430W Basiq; not bad but not great). The same goes for Corsair and Seasonic. With a high-end video card, you cannot safely skimp on the PSU. Fortunately, one can typically find deals on some of the Antec and Corsair models.
  5. how abt silverstone 500w??? any comment. because i really like this psu.... (antec reeally hard to find as im from malaysia) lol
  6. Look for some reviews of it. Silverstone PSUs were formerly very good, but I believe they've released a few bad ones lately, so check.
  7. ive checked some reviews and they are happy with it. so silverstone it is. thanks guys
  8. Hmmm, methinks I should have reviews, I meant a competent technical review (e.g. with load testing, waveform analysis, etc) such as the ones done at and If that's what you found, great; if you checked Newegg reviews, they're meaningless.
  9. yeah... ive done that. thanks yalll
  10. Ok great. Have fun with your PC.
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