Low Cost Heatsink/Fan?

The case I have is the Diablotek Evo, which has 7.5 inches of width to it. I've looked around, and people who have the same case said they'd bought the CM Hyper 212+, with barely 1/16th of an inch or so to spare.

I dunno if I really wanna put up with that in my case, so what could be considered a good alternative to CM 212+, within like a $25?
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    Nothing for the price range unfortunately
  2. Guess I'll probably go with the 212 then..It'll fit appartly, but with just a sliver to spare.
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  4. Well on the positive side of things at least you don't half to upgrade your case as well still sucks though i know but it could be worse so look on the positive side of things.
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