Upgrade of Motherboard

Hi I'm going to upgrade my board:

my current system specs:

Proc: Intel Q6600 2.4ghz B3
MB: Intel Q965GF
GPU: Inno3d 8600GT
RAM: 2gb DDR2 667 and 1gb DDR2 667
PSU: Generic 500W
Chassis fan: 80m x4

For the MB, I'm considering Gigabyte GA-EP43-US3L or Asus P5QL PRO.
I'm choosing P43 chipset because its cheaper and I won't be doing Xfire or SLI.

As for PSU, i'm considering Hec 500W Raptor

I will also be upgrading my GPU to a Inno3d GTX 260 216 OC will my PSU be enough?

Also after getting the board and PSU, i'll be overclocking the processor to 3.0ghz. I have after market cooling, Gigabyte G-Power Lite. Will this cooler suffice? Also do I have to get after-market cooler for my Northbridge?

Thanks for the help people! :)
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  1. You're upgrading the mobo with the same cpu? What's the upgrade exactly? Your B3 can't overclock as well as G0. Looks to me that it's not a gaming pc or you overspent on the cpu.


    Yep, 500W is enough for GTX 260, but you're gambling a hundred-dollars pc on a crappy psu. If it goes, everything goes.

    What are the uses of this pc? What's your budget? What's the monitor resolution? What are you reusing?
  2. Firstly changing the mobo wont make a huge difference, but if you must swap your board then go for the P45 based boards - they perform better, even if they do cost more.

    Performance wise I would swap the PSU & GPU instead. Generic PSU's are not the best quality and are not the most stable.
  3. @p55
    I'm upgrading the mobo because the mobo can't be overclocked, and it's not built exactly built for quad-cores. I bought the B3, long before the G0 came out. I'm trying to build a Gaming PC. I'm going to use the PC for gaming, but nothing extreme. monitor resolution is 1600x900. I'll be reusing the Proc and RAM(hopefully) only.

    yea, i'll be changing my PSU and GPU. GPU costs a lot haha. maybe i'll cut short in the MOBO and put more money in GPU.
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