OCing RAM, on a laptop, with a limited BIOS.

Some might tell me that I shouldn't OC my laptop's memory for various reasons.

I'm not going pay attention to the nay-sayers. Though I already took precaution to boost my laptop's cooling performance (low 70C when gaming), and I wouldn't mind a litte challenge.

Anyways, the BIOS is unsurprisingly very restricted, so the only option is to OC through software. I am currently using CPU-Tweaker 1.5.

The RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD) is limited to 6, if I lower it to 5, the laptop BSODs. Is there anything I could still tinker with?

EDIT: I also seem to have trouble with the software saving my setting, it sometimes loses it as soon as I close it, and always loses it when the computer shuts down or restart.
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  1. From a nay-sayer:
    What do you wish to accomplish?

    Real app performance or fps improvement will be small. Read this:

    It is likely you are losing your settings because the bios has trouble with them, and is resetting to one that works.
  2. I'm curious of how far I can push this laptop.
  3. A Bad Day said:
    I'm curious of how far I can push this laptop.

    Then go to it.
    Usually it takes added voltage to OC ram, and I don't see that option.

    Try to increase the FSB . That will oc the cpu and the ram.
  4. Well, I can't access the FSB through BIOS. SetFSB is the only software that I can think of, but the specific clock generator for my laptop's motherboard is only available in the paid version.

    If there's a free software that can access my laptop's FSB, I would hug you if I could. I spent a lot of time trying to OC my CPU with a lot of fails (grayed out options, no access to clock rate adjustment, incompatibility, BSOD, etc)
  5. It's called setfsb, and it's the best, fastest way to destroy your computer. Good luck, though! :D
  6. Well, my parents have full control over my bank account until I go to college, so I have to make due with free software and scrap material.
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