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I have a (pur dt 6/04) Dell Dimension 8400 Pent 4 3.00GHz 1.5 GB RAM. More and more games are slow or crap out or I have to lower specs to play e.g. Hitman Blood Money and The Experiment. What is a good replacement for my 128 MB PCI Express x16 ATI Radeon X300 SE? Thanks
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  1. what is your budget
  2. jryan388 said:
    what is your budget

    My main objective is to postpone purchasing a new system unless it just does not make sense to spend money on this one. So, in the neighborhood of $100 to $200 if justified.
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    You shouldn't spend that much on a card to pair with a P4. An HD4670 is a good cheap card for low resolutions that makes sense for your CPU. The processor will limit you in CPU intensive games but with that card most current games should be playable at least and almost all games over a year or two old should run well. Adding another gig of ram would also be a wise idea.
  4. Thanks, looks like there are a number of HD4670's out there - any one in particular that would work best for my situation?
  5. a 4770 would definitely be a good replacement for the current ones
  6. They should all be pretty similar apart from the fan/heatsink, which isn't a big deal on a card that is very low power/cool like the HD4670. There's a few DDR2 versions out there that you should avoid in favor of DDR3.
  7. I like the radeon hd cards.
  8. $64 for a sapphire 4670 -- available 12/22-- or you can spend more to get it sooner.

    I dont think the cost of a 4770 or anything above ~$80 is worth it for you. No matter what card you choose it will only keep your rig working for another year or so--so you might as well get a cheaper one.

    Also do consider jyjjy's ram suggestion if you can find it used or relatively cheap.
  9. I agree with the 4670. It is a GREAT card for your situation. It will give you a boost in performance until you can get a new machine. Anything more and you will need a new powersupply. Honestly it isn't worth it to do much more to a P4 system. I am a fan of the HIS 4670. the fan isn't loud like some of them.
  10. Thanks to all for your input!
  11. In review of the 4670's recommended, both state 400 Watt or greater is recommended. I believe I have only 350 Watts. Is this a problem?
  12. Nah, the recommended wattages are always very overstated. Unless it's a terrible brand PSU an HD4670 should be fine on 350w.
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