Errors with rivatuner/cpu-z and vpu recover gts 250

Well; first to start off; After a while of playing a serious game in full screen(besides mw2)
it crashes I hear the music loop and my monitor goes to sleep; but my fan LED's stay on.
After a while I heard cards go into power save mode; and I could also tweak the fan. So I did;
And I used cpu-z to monitor it. Now this is where the problem comes in.
This isn't normal.

I really don't this that should look like that. I did restart my computer and cpu-z says the current setting is 300mhz core when rivatuner says otherwise, rivatuner doesn't even go down to 300.

Help? Haha.
Also I can't play any games full screen (temp logs say the crash is at about 133f (50~ c?)
Here are my comp specs

PNY GTS 250 1 Gb
AMD Phenom II x3 @ 2.8 (OC'ed to 3.4)
Antec 750w TruePower TP-750
Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P

Anything else you need post.
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  1. i would try GPU-Z v0.3.8 and see if it reports differently

    also new drivers for your card
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