Can anyone suggest a good processor (under $100), for the motherboard P17 model? The i3 is LGA 1156, but I need an LGA 775 socket processor. (I don't want to change the motherboard.)

I have an E2140, and I have to run only a 64 bit XP. (For playing games, I have Sapphire 4870).

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  1. Help to have motherboard manufacturer and model, so we can pick out something compatible - lot of changes to socket 775s over their life - mostly, FSB increases: to high an FSB = won't work!
  2. Maker = PC Chips

    Model = P17G (already written)

    Supports upto quadcore. But seems to have no compatibility for i3.

    Okay. Here is CPU-Z > Mainboard info:
    Model: P17G, ECS
    Chipset: Intel i945G/GZ (okay, I forgot to write this); Rev.: A2
    Southbridge: Intel, 82801GB (ICH7/R)
    LPCIO: ITE, IT8718

    Brand: American Megatrends Inc.
    Version: 080012
    Date: 8-1-2007
  3. I just finalised an E7500 for Rupees 5350 ($114+), with a local computer vendor (a friend of a good friend; that's how workmen are sought here in India). Hope this should do. And hope people here find it a good replacement for a few more years to come. Especially combined with an HD 4870 512mb.
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    You sound good to go. Here's why the request: first, you have a socket 775 board (the recent sockets have been 'named' by their pin/land count); the i3, i5 and some i7s require an 1156 socket; main i7 'line' take 1366 socket - the new chips simply won't fit; second, for the 775 sockets, there have been four releases of CPUs, by increasing FSB (front system bus) - 800FSB, 1066FSB, 1333FSB, and, finally, 1600FSB. Problem comes with the age of the motherboard - early socket 775 maybe supported 800 and 1066 - due to physical, electrical limitations. Later in the 'life' of the 775 socketed boards, more boards supported all four speeds; CPU can not be any faster than board supports, or problems happen!
  5. All right. That qualifies for the best answer.

    I already got the E7500 installed. The computer has become somewhat faster. But I am a little disappointed. Not that fast, like I had imagined it to be. I mean... a jump from an E2140 to straight E7500... it should have at least an effect that is visible enough.

    Never mind. The 2140 was unable to supply minimum required frequencies to the HD 4870. Now at least this would not happen.

    The "Rated FSB" in CPU-Z is 1066(.6/7) FSB, same as the box of the processor says (of which I broke the seal).

  6. Always !
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