Two pci-e power connections

I have a force3d 4870. It has two pci-e power slots. My psu only has a single pci-e connector. I have a 2x 4 molex to 6 pin pci-e cable, can I use this for the second pci-e slot? If so how would I connect the molex ports? Do I connect both on the same cable from psu or separate? Or do i only connect one.

Thanks for you help.
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  1. connect the one u already have and another one molex to 6pin connector
  2. +1 to what crazy said.

    As for the exact hookup, it is probably better to use two separate cables if possible (that is why they gave you two plugs) but if you have to use two plugs off of the same cable it should still work.
  3. Thanks for the replies one of the male connectors has 3 pins and the other has two so if I just connected the 3 pinned one it should be ok?
  4. Both are molex plugs, but one only has three of the wires and the other only two?
  5. one has 3 pins. 2 blacks wires 3 yellow the second has two pins two yellow wires and one black. both molex
  6. thats fine, since there's no need for the 5V thats also available from the molex (red wire). use them both...
  7. thanks
  8. I feel someone needs to ask: if your PSU came with only one plug are you certain it can run a HD 4870? what model is the PSU?

    Also I agree that you should use two separate cables if possible to spread out the load.
  9. Well, if his PSU at least has a PCI-E 6-pin connector is most certainly capable of handling a single 4870. Using the adapter should be fine...
  10. Good point on the PSU. It may be fine, but no harm in checking.
  11. urm psu failed to power it, two year old thermaltake tr 2 470w =[, link to my other thread.

    Think i'll buy antec earthwatts 500w but its a little pricey.

    Thanks for help.
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