Budget Gaming PC for Mass Effect 2 (updated)

Hoping to play Mass Effect 2


Ok I looked for some currency and price information.

My budget is now USD450 only considering CPU, MB and GPU.

Date: This weekend if possible.
No brand preference. No intent to overclock or crossfire.

Parts suggestion would be great.
Or just a guideline of how should I distribute this $455 on the 3 parts is fine too.

Thanks again!!
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  1. The main thing that matters for gaming is the GPU. What one are you using?

    As far as the i5, that's the best gaming CPU.

    It also pretty difficult to give any adivce without a budget, what you already have, etc...
  2. GPU... well, the ASUS EAH5750 FORMULA/2DI/1GD5 ?
  3. I was reading through that really fast. I was expecting to see an HD in there. Why'd you choose an ASUS? They're more expensive than other brands that are more focused on GPUs (XFX and Sapphire).

    What's your monitor's resolution? That's the most important criteria for deciding on a video card.

    Without knowing the BUDGET, I can tell you that the 5750 is NOT a gaming GPU. You'll need at least a 5770 for any kind of decent resolution. Even then, the 5770 isn't really a gaming GPU, but it's the only good choice under $200. If you can afford more than that, the HD 5850 is the best GPU that's still reasonably priced at $310.
  4. My budget is now USD450 only considering CPU, MB and GPU
  5. CPU: Phenom II X4 955 $165

    Mobo: ASUS M4A79XTD EVO $115

    GPU: HD 5770 $170

    Prices are approximate, total is $450. The mobo/CPU usually have a combo and a rebate.
  6. ^ 1+
    I would have to agree in this range an amd is probably your best choice. While an I5 would be nice that's another 40 bucks on top of the cpu which is going to be draining right out of the gpu budget. The only thing that might want to consider is possible an hd 4890 which is older tech so obviously direct x 10 but you'll get a sustainable boast in performance over the 5770
  7. Thanks

    In the end I got these:

    Phenom II X4 955 $150
    Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H $90
    Gigabyte HD5770 $165
    OCZ 2x2GB DDR3 1333 $90
    Aerocool 550W $60
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