my mobo freezes in the POST screen after detectin the HDD when i connect multiple SATA devices,but it starts normally when i connect only 1 sata HDD. how can i connect multiple devices and get past the POST?,plz help.
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  1. How much stuff are you trying to connect? I checked, and your MOBO doesn't have the usual GB jMicron SATA ports - if your southbridge is working (and it has to be, for the one drive to work), all your SATAs should work - likely a bad drive or power cable - if you'll give me a run-down, I can suggest a testing procedure...

    First thing to check is to make sure, for the time being, that you have AHCI disabled - set "OnChip SATA Type" on the "Integrated Peripherals" page of the BIOS to "Native IDE"...
  2. Yeah, sounds exactly like an AHCI issue.
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