Do you think ive damaged my cpu

ive been overclocking my e2180@2ghz
i got it up to 2.7ghz for a while then after a restart it failed to start up again and reset itself back to 2ghz, now i cant get it back to even 2.4ghz since everystartup it has a issue and resets it.
i kept voltages on auto till after this happened when I tried 3ghz at 1.425 (stock is 1.325)

aside from that it seems to be running normally.
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  1. Time and usage will tell.
  2. My personal belief here is the mobo is the more likely sufferer but as Anub says, "time..."
  3. from the symptoms it sounds like something happened. Any idea what the voltage was when you had it set to auto?
  4. cpuz said 1.376v i beleive.
  5. i think ive been doing this with speedstep enabled which after looking a lot of sites are saying should be disabled isit possible this is whats causing it not to boot or has caused damage.?
  6. It isn't booting at all now? Try disabling speedstep to see if that fixes the problem your seeing.

    If the machine won't boot now at even stock settings, you've probably fried your chip, my friend.
  7. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!
    speedstepper is irrelevent turns out.... i have a 2tb western digital external harddrive anyway my computer wont boot while the external is plugged in AND the cpu is overclocked.
    the harddrives fine on stock settings.

    anyway i've resolved that as long as i boot up the pc without any external things i can keep my 2.7ghz overclock!
    well unless anyone says this is a warning sign of somthing like not enough voltage or somthing.

    well its not final il have to do some prime95 benchtests first but things look good
  8. That is really quite odd. What size power supply are you running? Could be that you're maxing it out.

    I've had problems with external drives being plugged in and booting when the USB boot option was enabled and the boot sequence was improperly configured...
  9. the powersupply is a 750watt and when im in windows im not geting any issues,
    perhaps smeone can answer here ok so i ran prime 95
    first core been running 20mins so far still no errors
    second core after 10mins had a error
    [Tue Jun 19 19:41:22 2012]
    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4992675781, expected less than 0.4
    Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.
    Self-test 640K passed!
    [Tue Jun 19 20:01:26 2012]
    Self-test 8K passed!
    theres the log
    i really want to stay at 2.7ghz :/
    so can someone advise how to get this stable
    can i run it like this? i play games and use internet thats it
    should i be trying this with an increased voltage? my voltage is set to auto im not sure what it should be set to. cpu-z says its 1.376v
    although its entirley possible cpu-z could be wrong.
  10. max temperature it got up to is 64
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