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I built a computer from lots of other computers ..I am using multiple monitors ( 3 ) ..one card has a S-cable port the monitor part works and I want to conect to dvd recorder to make vidios of pictures from files how do /or what link can I use to get the card to work properly and send signal to tv or Vhs/DVD recorder ( Yes I still use VHS sometimes ) to play on my Tv. my dvd in the cpu is not wanting to rwite DVD's and I want to make a dvd for tv viewing I use my WI with my film card for newer photos and put them on DVD for my mother who is not into computer stuf.
can I bypass the driver cure crap I tried the.. rip offs of your money ..the internet gives me and use a s-vidio cable to feed to my external tv and recorder can this even be done . .jeffy_20
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  1. Please don't post two threads.

    After sifting through your mob of a post, I can't really summarize what you're trying to ask. Sometimes you ask about basic S-video output, which your card is capable of, and you know that (so what's the problem, just hook it up?), but other times you ask about recording (I think) through S-video, which is only possible with specific cards. Can you please write what you're asking clearly?
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