Hd 5770 intel i3 530

ok soo i currently have a intel i3 530 and 4gb of DDr3 ram "upgrading to 6gb soon" soo my question is will the i3 530 bottle neck the 5770 lots or would a 5750 be a little easier on my cpu
i want to be able to play games like crysis and and next gen games for at least 2 years or soo utill i have to upgrade my gpu "of course i plan on upgrading my cpu to probably and i7 or maybe an i9 if my comp supports it "witch it should" in like 6-9 months from now
anyway please give me some feed back oh and price is not an issue just want to know witch is better for my cpu
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  1. yes but wiil it bottleneck a hd 5770 ddr5 and with 4gb ddr3 memory?

    Edit: would a 4890 be better?
  2. The 4890 doesn't support DX11
  3. 4890 is more powerful than 5770 bit with no DX11 and next to no availability. The CPU will prove the bottleneck in RTS and certain CPU limited games (GTA4 etc.) but in general that looks like a reasonably well balanced system.
  4. Crysis is a bad example because it's so resource-intensive. Never build a PC just to play Crysis, because you will end up overspending. Your rig will run pretty much anything else just fine.
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