Blue screen on startup

I keep getting a BSOD whenever Windows begins to boot. I got the error BAD_POOL_HEADER and searched around a little bit and found that it was possibly due to problems with the RAM. I removed one of the 2GB RAM modules and it booted into the OS just fine. Thinking that there was a problem with the registry I decided to reformat my hard drive and do a fresh install.

During the installation, my system froze up when I had both 2GB modules in the motherboard so I removed one of the modules and was able to reinstall. Now that I have reinstalled everything I can still only get into Windows with 2GB of RAM. I ran the "Windows Memory Diagnostic" and it froze up at about 16% and stated there was an error with the RAM. Is the RAM really the problem or is it possibly the motherboard?

System specs:

4GB GSKill DDR2 1066
Intel Q6600
9800 GTX+
580 W PSU
Win7 x64
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    It isn't rare for ram to be faulty..

    If the one stick works fine, try replacing that slot with the other stick and run your tests. If the other stick still crashes in the knowingly good motherboard slot, then it's the ram. If it works fine.. then try 1 stick at a time in the other ram slot. Memtest can also help determine if the ram is bad or not. It doesn't sound like timings... It's either the one slot, or the one stick of ram.
  2. I actually just completed what you suggested. One stick passed with flying colors and the other stick failed miserably. It looks like the RAM is to blame.

    Luckily GSkill has a great warranty and RMA policy.
  3. Glad to help, hope your new stick will work :)
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