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hello, i have been given an older laptop, but it is quite a decent spec on it, so i decided to keep it, i have bought an original windows xp home cd with license, and a new hard drive for it, everything works on the laptop itself, but i am having trouble installing the windows xp, i insert the cd and it says "press any key to boot from cd" which i do, it then goes to the loading files screen, and from there to the welcome to setup screen, and gives 3 options, press enter to continue, f3 to quit, and recovery console, obviously i am wanting to hit enter to continue, but nothing happens when i do, it does not go past this screen, it should go to the next part but its not, so i started again, same place same thing, i decided to press any other options given but none of them make it go any further, even pressing f3 to quit, the page stays where it is, some people have said its probably the enter key not working but in bios it works when i have changed something, (please note i only changed something in the bios to make sure enter was working but then changed it back), i have set the bios to load default values, and tried countless times but always still end up at the welcome to setup, but hitting enter does nothing, the laptop is a, fujitsu siemens amilo pro v7010. any advice or a way to get this to work would be very appriciated, thank you.
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  1. if you have purchased a new windows xp retail license then you can contact microsoft for free tech support.
  2. free tech support have no answers for my problem since i can't get to the format partition page and enter the license to put the xp on it,
  3. -if you know a little dos, try formating and partitioning your hard drive from recovery console:
    press R before setup loads all the way, type 1 , press enter or type password.
    welcome to recovery console!
    You can do a chkdsk if U want, you can format (format X:\ /q), partition (fdisk) ,bla,bla,bla....;
    for anything else just add /? in the command
    Then restart and try the setup again.

    -other things:
    try another cd;
    try removing battery and run only on cable
    or try booting from an usb and installing it from there, if your bios let's you. (there are tutorials online)

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