Hd 4850 x2 vs. hd 4890. or mixed crossfire

Currently i am running a phenom II 940 BE 2 3.4ghz, 8gb ddr2 1066mhz ram, 1000watt psu, and a hd 4890 video card. i found a good deal on the hd 4850 x2 and I was lookin for some feedback on whether it would be worth the upgrade on a 23in 1920x1080 monitor. Also any feedback on mixed crossfire would be nice because perhaps I could still use the other card if i decide to buy the hd 4850 x2. thanks in advance
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    2 HD 4890s beat a single HD 4850X2 in CrossFire,so i would say go for another
    HD 4890 and CrossFire it instead of getting a HD 4850X2(Since you already have one 4890)
  2. Yes, get another 4890 and crossfiring it...
    You'll be happy with them. :)
    Make sure u have a good airflow on your case, they produces more heat than before...
  3. thanks, i have decided another hd 4890 would be beneficial and i could spare a few extra bucks
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