Why so many motherboard models?

Newbie in the process of gathering parts for a computer build. Most components are pretty staright forward, just buy the best my budget will allow. But when it comes to the mobo it gets a bit confusing. There are just so many models, even by the same manufacturer that really are virtualy identical in specs. I cant understand for the life of me why they churn out a number of boards with different model numbers that really are pretty much the same. Gigabyte for example turn out just so many boards that when you really get down to it are jaust about all the same. Its got me beat.
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  2. I guess it's kind of like keyboards and mouses. They all do the same thing basically
  3. Something for everybody.

    Why are there so many kinds of motor vehicles? We only need three: a car to carry a few people around, a bus to carry many, and a dump truck to carry heavy loads.
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