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I have a small hard drive like... 160gb or so, but I dont feel like reformatting when I get a new one. Is it bad to have your main hard drive smaller than your storage hard drive? Say my C drive being 160 and D (storage) as 500gb? I really dont want to reformat, but is it better to have it reversed or is it not that big of a deal? Thanks for any help =].

P.S. anyone know of a good deal on hard drives for black friday?
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  1. Don't worry, there is no problem. You can attach and use small hard drive as a primary and 500gb as a secondary hard drive.

    Right now i am using 400gb as a primary and 1Tb as a secondary hard disk.
  2. nope, no problem at all.
  3. There are many people who use 40-120GB SSDs as their primary and 1TB+ as their data drive. Windows won't care if its installed on the smallest drive.

    There is the matter of speed. 160GB HDD probably means its an older one. A 500GB or newer drive might be a lot faster depending on how old this 160GB is. If the old 160GB can transfer data around 60GBps avg while the new drive can do 120GBps+, then you might be better off either putting windows on the new drive or at least the swap file. You might spend a bit less time waiting for windows to respond/do something if it has access to a faster drive.
  4. Thanks for all the replys everyone. I assumed there was no problem, but figured no reason to make a mistake and not ask before proceeding to add the hard drive. Does SSD's really make a huge difference? I remember my cousin having an SSD bragging about his pc loading a lot faster, but im not really a person to complain about waiting a minute or 2 for everything to start up.
  5. SSDs will load data off a harddrive much faster. Loading windows, games, levels, etc will be faster. Once your in the game they usually run in RAM, so having an SSD won't improve your frame rates.

    Modern hdds are fast enough for me. If you have one of the new 500GB platter harddrives you should be good for the most part. I could see getting an SSD for photoshop work or if you are really @n@l about having ultimate speed in windows/games. As I said for most of us a modern mechanical drive is fine.
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