5 monitors on 2 video cards...need assistance

I currently have an Asus P6T SE motherboard, a Powercolor HD5770 and a Philips 220e1sb LCD monitor.

I plan on getting: 1x 5870 or 5970 (this will be my primary video card) and then buy and connect 3 monitors on that card, then get one more monitor and connect this monitor + the one i have (the Philips LCD) to my hd 5770, then put the video card in a PCI-E x4 slot in my Asus motherboard (please check a picture of the motherboard below...1 h5970 might block the 2nd PCI-E x16 slot so I dont have a choice but to put the 5770 on the white PCI-E x4 slot...)

The reason I plan on getting 5 monitors is: the 3 monitors will be my working space (or eyefinity gaming if it piques my interest), and the other 2 monitors will be: 1.) to watch TV (live stream or with a TV tuner) and the 2nd one will be appointments/worksheet/PC health status/local weather.

So is this setup possible? More importantly, would an hd 5770 card work on a PCI-Ex4 slot although the card and that slot wont be used for gaming?


BTW here are my complete specs:

i7 920 D0 stepping @ stock
Asus P6T SE mobo
3x2gb Kingston Value Ram 1333mhz
640gb Western Digital Caviar Green
Powercolor HD 5770 @ stock
Samsung Super Writemaster
HEC Cougar 1000w

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  1. You may be better of waiting for the cards that support 6 monitors on their own. I think I remember reading that they should be around in a month or two. Perhaps someone else has more current info.
  2. AFAIK the HD5xxx series will have cards that can support upto 6 monitors...but the problem is they all need to have DigitalPort...

    DigitalPort monitors can be a real drag on one's wallet...I know that theres an ACTIVE DigitalPort adapter, but they cost like $50 each >.<
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