5600+ temps high

i had a desktop with
phenom 2 940 , schte zipang cooler 140mmfan
4 gb ram
in a aerocool cube case with 480 watt psu, one intake fan
mainboard is gigabyte ma78gm s2h

i changed phenom 2 940, hd4850 with x2 5600+ and 2600 pro
changed psu with asus 400watt psu

i changed the configuration because it was much more power consuming and the processor was running at 40-50c which i think is high. I was not playing any games anymore so i did not need that 940 and 4850

after installing, the processor temp was around 30-40c for a while than after working 1 hour it slowly increased to 90c at which point i shut down
i reinstalled the processor and the heatsink but the results are the same
I used the same configuration for a long time and the temp never reached 60c.

i searched the net. but can not find any solution

now i have two possibility ,
-processor change (downgrade)may need bios update (maybe downgrade)
- psu was repaired at some point, maybe the fan blows inside the case because of some idiot assembling wrong.
- 5600+ processor was in some drawer , maybe it is broken somehow

what else may be the reason for this increase in temp . i need ideas
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  1. I'll bet you didn't apply any thermal paste to the CPU when you installed it.
  2. I applied the paste
    both times
  3. OK, apologies. stupid question, but the CPU fan is working, right?
  4. yes working
    one more thing
    i try to touch mobo near the processor , it is not that hot
  5. solved ( imho)
    changed the cooler with stock and same thing
    changed the processor , fan and temp ok

    since mobo did not feel very hot touching, It seems a temp reporting problem with the amd x2 5600+ . i am sending it for service
    i just want to know may a problem like that appear only 1 hour of use , and take into account that this same processor(5600) worked flawless for at least a year.
  6. It seems strange that the problem only appeared after an hour's use, if indeed it is a faulty measurement. Unless of course the thermal diode stopped working properly.
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