Raptor for OS drive

I have a new build in process.

I want to go to SSD for OS.

Right now I have a 300MB Raptor that is not being used.

Would it make a major differnce going to SSD.

System will be based on the Intel i5 2500k
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  1. I had a Raptor as my system drive before I got my SSD. The Raptor was a little better than a regular drive. The SSD is much better than the Raptor. If you can afford an SSD big enough for your entire OS, use the Raptor for data storage.
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    Indeed, I had a 74gb raptor and went to a 60gb vertex 2 ssd. difference is like night and day.
    Just remember to check bios options and set the controller to AHCI mode if it's not already, that will give a nice speed boost too although you will need to reinstall windows if changing that without it being a new drive.
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