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I have a compaq pressario c300 netbook and the power supply to charge up the battery wont work its not the charger itself but a conection inside the netbook. If I hold the wire a certain way it will charge the battery so I think its a loose connection. Can you help me if I buy a new battery does it come with a connecting part or do I have to get this seperatly if so do you know how I mend it thank you belinda
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  1. If you are refering to the power lead needing to be held a certain way to work - then it is highly likely that the flex is damaged. However if it is close to the power socket on the laptop itself then it could be that the connector is loose where it meets the motherboard. This can be fixed, but you would better off letting a repair centre do the job for you.
  2. thank you so much it was the power lead so I just had to buy a new one.
    This site is fantastic thank you for being so quick and accurate in your reply
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