Windows not detecting 2gb of my RAM

I noticed windows is detecting only 4gb out of 6gb of my RAM, however when i run memtest it detects all 6gb, any ideas what is causing this?

CPU: i7 920 2.66ghz
RAM: Geil 3x2gb 1333mhz
HDD: Seagate 1.5TB 7200 RPM
Video: Ati Radeon HD 5870
OS: Windows 7 professional 64 bit
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  1. Which motherboard? Asus?

    Have you tried rotating the ram, or tried 1 stick at a time to see which stick it is?

    When you reboot, does it sometimes show 6, and sometimes show 4?
  2. Bent CPU socket pins will cause this.
  3. see i3/i5/i7 'Missing' Memory in this 'sticky'...
  4. first tell about your mobo?
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