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I have had a dell inspiron 531s, its a slim computer and I was dumb when I purchased it not knowing I could not really upgrade the video card. Everything else in it is good enough for me, I just want to add more memory and get a new video card, which I know in order to do I need to get a better power supply.. What I am wondering is it possible for me to be able to take all the hardware out of the case and put in a new case with a new Power supply and video card? or what I would really prefer doing is somehow putting a really good low profile card and somehow use a different power supply, i'm not sure how this would work but I have set aside 100-150$ mabey stretching to 200$ but no more.. Is this possible?

Thank you..
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  1. Also I was wondering If its possible that I can put in a card thats better then what I have in here which is a Radeon 2400HD low profile 256mb.. Is there something worth buying that's better. I know there are other low profile cards that are better then this..

  2. You can get an nvidia 9600GT low-profile, and from what I understand, a Dell 300W PSU ought to handle it fine:

    although your computer may have only a 250W supply, so check that first.

    It should be no problem to put everything into another case. Then you can basically use whatever PSU and video card you want.
  3. Why people buy Dell?
  4. Dell is fine, you just get what you pay for. If you get a $400 PC, that is what you get. If you buy a slimline PC though, you are severely limited in your upgrade paths.

    As far as removing the hardware and putting it in another case. I think it should work. It looks like a micro-atx board according to the page below. You may just have to leave the back IO panel off as you won't have one that matches.
  5. Thanks for your help guys.. I actually am looking into just getting this card 4650..

    Or mabey getting an external 250w power supply so run it just incase.. I haven't built a computer in 5-6 years so I don't remember much and am worried to mess around with this computer..

    yes it is a cheap computer but it was given to me as a gift and the specs arent bad for a gift..

    Anyway I have been looking for some type of instructions on how to install this video card or those external power supply used for video cards..

    if anyone has any information about this stuff that would be awesome..

    thanks everyone.
  6. that is probably as good as you will get for a low pro card. Just make sure it has room in your case. Do you know what wattage PSU is in that computer? 4650's that they require 400W, but you can squeeze by with 300W sometimes.
  7. I've got a 4650 running in a machine with a 300W power supply right now. It ought to work.

    But it looks from the specs of that Dell machine that it might only be a 250W power supply. If that's true, I'd go the route of getting a new case and a better PSU, because that's going to be difficult to work with.
  8. i have read in a few different forums of people who have the same exact pc model that I have and one of them has that same card in it with an extra hard drive and dvd burner.. I guess its worth a shot?
  9. I am running a radeon hd 2400.. it's not that good but not too bad.. I know there is a better card that I can put in here, I was looking at some low profile cards that look a lot better and people are using with 200-250 watt power supplies but im skeptical because i dont want to mess anything up If there is a card that is better and worth buying and that my power supply will hold let me know because I want to buy it before christmas comes.

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