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When I go to open a particular file that has video files in it: .avi, and some .psd files, Widows Explorer crashes. Error report showed oxcooooo94. How do I isolate the corrupted file?
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  1. if it only happens with that particular file or folder then it is possible the data itself is corrupted. as a test you can boot from an Ubuntu or Fedora LiveCD and see if you can access the files from there. that will let you know if its a problem in Windows or just the filesystem.
  2. Thank you for your responce. I will need to do a little research regarding Fedora LiveCD. Until then I need to clarify a couple of things. I meant to say that when I open the Folder with .avi and .psd files in it, I get the Window Exporer error. And of course the o's should have been 0's. The error also said Mod name: shmedia.dll.

    The crash occurs when the folder is opened. The other folders on the drive are not causing this. So I concluded that it was a corrupted video file in the folder. There are a lot of video files in the folder, so I would like to keep the good ones and delete the bad one. They are video files for a television station.

    I tried the basic defrag, and chkdsk. It got to the point that I could open the folder showing "large icons" and then when I went to "details" it crashed.
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