Safe to use these hard drives???

hi folks. ive got a build from 2005 or so. amd 64bit at 1.8 ghz stock. MSI nforce2 ultra, 1gb corsair XMS (with activity LED's) and jsut yeterday i received an Radeon HD 3850 to replace my Geforce 6800 GT ... now i have a laptop that has a melted video card so i put one of the SATA (sata1.5 i think) hard drives into the aformentioned desktop for more space. its from 2006 HP pavillion, 80 GB ST98823AS as Everest identifies.. .. its laptop drive so its about 1 inch think and 3 wide and 4 long .. so my question is ... will it stress the drives too much if i put two in my desktop and RAID them (to where part a file is on each drive) i would put win xp3 and a few games on there. rest of my storage would be on ATA drives....

shouldnt stress them right?
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  1. It is "safe" to use any hard drive.

    Just remember that drives need to be IDENTICAL to work properly in RAID. Same model, same size, same cache, same speed.
  2. Typical laptop drives spin at 5400 RPM and have fairly low transfer rates (~30 MB/s maybe on sequential reads). While you can use them in a desktop, you may want to reconsider it if you are trying to get high performance (which if you are raiding them together it sounds like that is the end goal. Unless you have the two drives laying around I would just buy a 7200 RPM and be done (it sounds like you have only one of the laptop drives).
  3. it may indeed be 5400 rpm :( can i find that out through software at all? also ya sorry it didn;t come out right. i do have two identicals
  4. Rotation speed should be on the drive label.
  5. But if you're already got two I'd do it anyway. No point in wasting something you've already got.

    What's the drive that you're running now? I may say to just install games on the RAID 0 and leave your current filesystem alone.
  6. i had main boot to an ATA drive. put in ONE of these SATA drives for a second boot option. yeah i checked they are seagate. 5400's. ........... i have also an samsung sp2014n (200gb 8mb cache ata-133) and a maxtor 80g with 2m cache (LOL) ....

    obviously i am too ignorant of HD transfer rates or i wouldnt be posting here ... but would things be quicker if i was booting and running everything off the Samsung 200g (ATA 133 7200 rpm) or two Seagate 5400 rpm SATA I drives.
  7. Just the interface speed doesn't mean that the drives are using all of it. More than likely the two 5400 drives. But that depends on, well how fast it ends up being. you could put the 200g samsung in and the raid in and run HDtune on each and simply see which one it tells you is faster. Use that.

    So did you have another drive other than the ones that you said what there were?
  8. k went into the bios. did stripe raid. set it up. went to install xp sp3. it saw the raid and i partitioned and formatted it. installed windows. reboot. choose the new path from the boot options. fails because system32/hal.dll was not found .......................
    tried again (quick NTFS format) same problem
    in my other boot option .. (xp sp1) it does not detect the raid properly while in windows, and seemingly cant even find the driver files off my SP3 disk.

    the safety thing i was refering to is the fact that the little drives are just sitting unsecured on top of the 3.5" HD
  9. That sounds just like SATA driver problems. It shouldn't be able to see it at all when installing if that's the case though. Try this: unplug all other hard drives except for the RAID, then install it.
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