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if anyone knows why my xbox 360 won't connect to the internet any advice would be great. It is currently connected to my laptop which is then wirelessly connected to my router. I recently put Trend Micro on my laptop and i believe that this may be the problem. I think I have tried everything and yet still it continues to tell me that it can't connect to the network. Any help would be great. Thanks a lot
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  1. It worked before the Trend Micro software?
  2. To connect your xbox 360 to your network, through w wireless router, you need to but a network adapter for your xbox 360, and configure settings through the xbox to connect to your network. As far as i know (i may also be wrong, wouldn't be the fire time) but to the best of my knowledge you cant just connect the 360 to your computer which is connected to a network. Depending on your router settings, you may have to access your router settings page and configure it for the 360 to be able to connect to it. Hope this helps
  3. You will need the adapter even if you are trying to connect PS2, PS3 to the router. People tend to miss adapters out.
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