Computer Just Power Down like blackout now wont start

Hey Guys, ive dealed with other basic computer problems but this one I have no idea... Old System but i have changed the motherboard and gfx card less than a year old.

In Short : websurfing, all of sudden no power even though monitors still work.
press the power button : nothing happens, no noise either, mobo light still on so there is power going through it.

no smell or noise comming from it after the shocking power down
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  1. maybe your graphics died? you say the mobo light is still on so I assume your power supply is still functioning. It also could be a freak case of your video cable dying. It's pretty much damn rare but it happens. No smell would mean nothing burnt but you might want to do a visual inspection to see if any of the capacitors on any of the parts has burst.
  2. funny thing is everything works again. but that entire night i checked everything, all capacitors fine, cables were good, i even took all parts out and gave it a good vacuum and dust off, reconnected everything and tested it didnt work... THE NEXT NIGHT just turned it on and everything works.

    But it never powered up the other nite, even after checking everything... weird... Im pressed up agasint PSU faulty or over heated or something
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