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im haveing an problem on what i shuld get for my new build/upgrade i all ready have a case mobo and dvd drive so this is the two options ive came up with

#1 #2

cpu c2q q8200 oc posible cpu pentium e5200 overclocked to 3.5ghz

ram 2gb gakill 800 ram 4gb gskill 800

mobo g31m-es2l same

gfx xfx 4770 same

psu corsair 400watt same

witch one do you think i have a moniter res of 1280x1024 i will be playing games like mwf2 cod4 gta4 utlll crysis wow thanks
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  1. that would work and all, but idk what your budget is, but take a look at this setup:

    this system would kill that system handily, but i dont think it would cost extrordinarily more (maybe 100-200$ more, i really dont know)
  2. my post was messed up basicley im askin witch is a beter gaming combo a quadcore 2.33ghz and 2gb ram or a dualcore 3.5ghz and 4gb ram
  3. ooo i was kinda confused by your post, but...i would say a 3.5 GHz with 4 gigs is better. 2 gigs is really small, and would probably bottleneck that cpu. also, not that many things make full use of quad cores, so a really fast dual core is virtually the same as a sluggish quad core. hope that helped!
  4. yeah im in a compition with my dad and so far im winning so with this stuff i will kick his a55 but as from a longevity stand point is the dual core a good idea becouse lga 775 is getting phased out ddr2 is getting phased out so im also trying to figre out should i get the quadcore now and up grade my ram later or shuld i get the ram now and the quad core later witch do you think will have the higest price increse the ddr2 or the quadcore
  5. well the quad core is 775 and it would probably be using ddr2 aswell
  6. yes i know
  7. Best answer
    quad core @ 2.33+ 2 gigs ram< dual core @ 3.5+4 gigs ram< quad core @ 2.33+4 gigs< 3.2 GHz amd p2 955+ 4 gigs of ram :D
  8. is that in order from worst to best
  9. didn't you attend math class, < is less than so yes it is in order of worst to best :pfff: :)
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