No video whatsoever

my dad has a 8600 gt silent

every once in a while it just stops working givinbg a blue screen and some sort of error (to fast to read what it sais)
the solution to this used to be to disconnect the graphics card and start in safe mode, re-install the driver and give it another go.

it stopped happening when he disabled all and everything to do with the s video port. but he never told me that so i put it back on. in an attempt to connect the beamer.

but now i get no video whatsoever... not on the motherboard integrated thing and the 8600 gt silent.

any help wil be appreciated.
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  1. System specs? Monitor? Operating System?

    So I assume when the monitor will say something like "no input" on it when the video fails?
    It's obviously not your video card since the integrated graphics work but you've only mentioned your card so it's difficult for me to help you.
  2. sorry i have not asked for help much so far.

    intell q6600.
    asus p58 mx
    2x corsair value select vs1gb533d2 g RAM
    windows 7 ultimate x64

    samsung syncmaster 206 bw.

    using everest, prime 95 and supreme commander forged alliance last weekend (when it still worked like a charm)
    i tested the system. (as far as a noob like me can)
    anyway, turns out that the graphics card was 104 degrees celcius and each of the proccessor cores where anywhere between 70 and 60 degrees celcius

    (i figured waay to hot to work smoothley so i ordered a case fan (since the proccessor cooling thing missed its fan) and a graphics card coolthing

    if you need any more info please tell me where to find it and ill gladly post it here :)

    both the 860 gt silent and the integrated graphics (the vga connector on the motherboard) do nothing not even a flash or anything.
  3. Well for a start 104 is too hot for that card for my money. Could be a bad fit wwith the cooler possably. Fixing that involves removing it and re aplying the thermal paste. There are picture guides of how to do this on the net. The CPU temps are at the hot end also. Not a surprise with no fans.
    Are you Overclocking at all ?
    You really need the fans so i sugest getting a new CPU cooler and fitting that, the case fan is a good idea also. The CPU should be thermal throttling so as to avoid damage but running without a fan is asking for trouble.
    Heat is a big NO NO and fixing the new fan in should all but cure the issue.

  4. the cooling thats on it now is the stock one because (i suspect) that the card became so hot that it melted the thermal paste or something.

    i can't get it off without damaging the card

    i had to stop prime 95 about 20 seconds in the test because i thought 65 degrees was the max for a processor. (it was still going up with about half a degree a sec)

    any thoughts on wy the integrated graphics don't work?
    in an old ibm computer (with graphics card) i saw a option to change the display adapter.
    could it be that its stil on the graphics card? (would be weird because it did go back to the integrated graphics unit before)

    thanks for replaying :) keep em coming
  5. did you try to clear the cmos that will change it to the integrated graphics
    also check all the connections in the computer harddrive dvd power cables and all
    maybe reseat the video card maybe the motherboard grounding out ?
  6. how can i reset the cmos?

    i have the system grounded at all times.
    how do i reset the video card? :whistle:

  7. oke i looked up this:

    pulled out the battery but that didn't help.
    i wasn't sure to do something with the jumpers because it told me that it might couse boot trouble and im having enough of that as it is.

    also when i try to boot it with the 8600 gt silent and my screen searching for input.
    the screen blinks black and then continues searching.
  8. Make sure you had your computer unplugged when you reseated the battery.
    I don't see why you should change any jumper settings.

    You gave more detail and an order of what happened when for your 8600gt. Can you give us the same for when you are using the integrated graphics?
    I notice you said you don't know how to reseat your video card. Simple: Take ESD precautions, then unscrew the screw for the card and pull it out. Then put it back it. When you try to use your integrated graphics, try it without the 8600gt in your computer. It's part of section 2.5.1 of the pdf file you downloaded. "Installing an expansion card". Just in reverse.

    Hope anything there might help.
  9. the computer was unplugged when i pulled out the battery :sol:

    what do you mean "You gave more detail and an order of what happened when for your 8600gt. Can you give us the same for when you are using the integrated graphics?"

    oke then i have resetted it like 100x...

    but my dad considered it broken and bought this and this

    in an effort to make it upgradable withoud to much trouble :)
    but thats off topic.

    and then another off topic question :sol:
    can i use my old RAM?

    this does not mean that i don't wanna find out what happened to the old ones...

    again thanks for all the extra thinking power! :)
  10. xblaauw said:

    also when i try to boot it with the 8600 gt silent and my screen searching for input.
    the screen blinks black and then continues searching.

    I mean this. That's good detail on what happened. Did the same happen when you tried the integrated?

    About your ram, if your current ram is the same as the board you want to buy then yes. By the same I mean no more detail than SD-RAM, DDR ram, DDR2 Ram or DDR3 ram. But those all will not work interchangeably. Since you already have the boards, the easy way to tell it to try the ram. none of those chips will fit in eachothers sockets. If you are really picky and want to make sure the ram has been tested with your board, you can look at the manual for the board which will list ram models tested.
  11. no the same did not happen with the vga out on the motherboard.

    nothing happened it seemed like the computer didn't start fully.
    because i set all the fans (a whopping 1 case fan but still...) to max rpm at all times. but its only spinning at half the rpm as far as i can see and hear...

    thanks again :)
  12. oké so i installed the new motherboard anf a new graphics card (asrock p45TurboTwins2000 - hd4670 club 3d)

    and now when i start it up it starts beebing...

    only thing im not sure i wired right is the power switch, reset switch, power led and hdd led.
    i think its the RAM... because there are all sorts of jumpers and stuff dealing with diffrent frequenties of RAM and mine is not on that list. but somebody on toms hardware told me not to worry about that.

    maybe some jumpers are wrong. they are all in default position.

    any help would be appreciated.
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