Dual core and core 2 duo processors difference

Hi Please let me know which processor is better for laptops dual core or core 2 duo processors.

and its difference.

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  1. If your board is new, the cpu should be either core2 duo or i3 mobiles. Amd is also ok. If it's not new, you need to do a search with the product id for the Intel specs, or list them here.
  2. Core 2 duo is a processor brand. dual core is a broad type of processor. The core 2 duo is a dual core processor. Look up multi-core on wikipedia. If you tell us the exact model of each processor you are looking at we can better help you. perhaps you meant Pentium dual core. The brand is also not the only factor. You will need to give us the model which will tell us the clock speed and other important performance related details.
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