Hi, I hope some of you can help, I read a few posts around this forum and have been scratching my head looking for an answer to an issue Im having.

Im by no means an expert, infact Id say novice but Ive built I few systems in my time, I have tried to build a top qaulity machine for gaming and work but are having a problem.

Ive never built a machine that uses 2 cards so I thought Id give it a go, I had a 9800GT card from my old build so Ive put together a really decent machine which is great however Im having big issues with running the cards in SLI and running graphics.

Here's the machine Ive built

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor Black edition 3.2Ghz
Asus M4N72-E motherboard
2 x 2GB HYNIX DDR2 800mhz
2 x 2GB Corsair DDR2 667mhz
2 x Inno3d 9800GT - SLI
700w Coolermaster Modular PSU

This is all housed in a cooler master scout case, with 1x DVD RW drive and sata 250G 7200rpm hard drive.

Ive set the machine up, included the bridge for the SLI however Im having a problem, my machine runs fine on 1 card, however when I put 2 cards in or enable SLI the system freezes or crashes. I read a few posts regarding the drivers and Ive installed a few varients of the drivers with the same problem. The pc does boot up and gets to the log in screen however once I log in the system crashes, freezes and I have to restart, when I disconnect the SLI bridge it comes back on fine with one card.

Ive tried each card individually to see if its a problem with that however the system runs fine, so I dont think its the cards.

Ive managed to get the system stable on the 185.81 drivers, with 2 cards in, I enabled SLI however when ever I run the system with a game or 3d demo the sytem keels over freezes and I have to start over again. After Ive done this I get back to the problem of getting to log in, doing so then freezing.

Ive read a few posts from similar users and a lot of problems seem to point to the drivers, I might be wrong though.
Ive used a calculator to see if its the PSU, as I thought maybe it isnt powerful enough but it seems fine and by all accounts it was a recommended PSU to run SLI cards. I thought about if its the memory as Im running 2 different types so not sure if its that but I thought Id post and ask the experts.

Im currently going to use driver sweeper to remove the drivers and try each build of drivers to see if I can get a result, I hope you can offer some pointer in the meantime.
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  1. Yes try with driver sweeper and see if it helps.
    Also since you have both DDR2 800 and DDR2 667 in your case,can try taking the 800 ones out and test with 667's and vice versa ?
  2. Hi thanks for the tip, Ive tried both sets of RAM now individually and without luck, Ive installed the latest build of drivers too 195.81 and once again stable in desktop but as soon as I enable SLI the screen freezes and crashes.

    I hope someone can help or if theres some one with a similar problem which drivers are stable or will work?
  3. Have u tried different OS's too ?
  4. hello...maybe this is too late...the problem post before, occur last year..
    i'm just post it...maybe can help people out there...this is my new system today.

    here is my system :

    WINDOWS ultimate 7 64BITS
    AMD Phenom ii x4 955 3.2 gHZ
    4GB DDR2 800MHZ
    ASUS M4N72-E
    2X 9800GT 256MB 128bits DDR3 SLI
    GIGABYTE SUPERB 720wATT power supply
    COOLER MASTER V10 CPU cooler

    i having the same problem. when i use sli with my origin cpu cooler(before v10) everything just OK..i can play games without crash or freeze or blue screen appear.

    but after i install the v10 and sli also run together with the v10, when i play games such as mafia ii, crysis and other games, my computer suddenly turn off..but if i don't play games, my computer in strange behavior.

    i try to remove the TEC Cable from v10, the result, i can play the games with SLI Activated...

    so, what i can said is, maybe the problem occur due the not sufficient power consumption for the cpu..maybe if use the greater power supply, the problem can solve.
  5. syauqi, you probably had an issue by incorrectly installing the CPU cooler, your CPU is overheating and causing the system to shutdown. Try reseating the Cooler.

    dazzydef , it is possible that one of your cards SLI fingers is damaged or the bridge is damaged. Inspect for physical wear and tear and see if you can detemine if this is a possible problem. Otherwise you tried drivers and os changes? I can only think that you may have something wrong in the bios, did you set PCI-E to primary and IGP to secondary? How about SLI settings in the bios?
  6. deweycd, ermmm.....reallly?? but i follow the instruction manual correctly to mount the v10 on my Mobo...
    even, in idle, it temp is about 32 Celsius..

    erm..reseating the cooler? can u descibe more about it,or maybe u have some suggestion to me..?
  7. syauqi said:
    or maybe u have some suggestion to me..?

    Start a new thread as this one is nearly a year old.
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