Antec Earthwatts 750w Fan up or Down?

I just realized that depending on where you mount the PSU, top or bottom of the case changes whether the fan is top or bottom.

I have a HAF 922 case which mounts the PSU on the bottom. Right now I have the fan facing down because someone told me bottom. What I now think is how did he know if I was putting it on the top or bottom of the case.

So my question is bottom mount of the case fan up into the case or facing down up against the bottom of case? Will suck if I have to change it because its all pretty much all hooked up.
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    Is there an opening immediately below the power supply to allow cool air to enter? If there is, then you can leave it alone. If there is no opening, then flip the power supply so the fan is on top.

    If there is an opening and the power supply is installed with the fan on the bottom do not put the case on a carpet. The carpet will block the airflow.
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