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I recently bought components to set up a new computer. One of the things I purchased was a 120 GB SSD. I was planning on putting my OS and the games I use the most on it. When looking up information I saw the information about Smart Response for SSDs. What I am wondering is if I have the files already on the SSD will the Smart response put another copy of them on the SSD? I was looking through different articles and forums but couldn't find the answer. If it does then I won't really need the Smart response as everything I want to go fast will already be there.
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  1. I don't think you really understand how smart response works. ISRT allows you to couple an HDD with an SSD so that you've got your data stored on the HDD but the drive uses the SSD as a cache. (A cache basically consists of faster storage which intelligently stores data that gets used most often.) If you're using your SSD as a boot drive (which is what you should do with a 120GB SSD) then you're not really using the smart response technology.
  2. Intel's SRT caching technology was designed for buyers who cannot justify or afford the cost of a larger capacity solid-state drive. According to Intel, the original idea was that for about $100.00 a user could purchase a small capacity ssd of about 20GB and use it as a cache to improve hard disk drive performance. The actual improvement could not compare to a stand alone ssd. Intel also looked at different capacities all the way up to 512GB and concluded 64GB was the point of diminishing return. It made more sense to use a 64GB ssd as a boot drive that also contained software programs. Intel was hoping that if business clients saw an increase in performance, then they would be induced to purchase larger capacity ssd's.

    Since you purchased a 120GB ssd there is absolutely no reason to use Intel SRT.
  3. Ok, Kind of what I was wondering. I wasn't sure because I will have another hard drive with a bunch of stuff on it and wasn't sure if it was going to help with that.
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