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Upgrading optiplex 745 cpu

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February 25, 2010 3:37:00 PM

Hello .

I have an idea to upgrade the CPU on my dell optiplex 745 . Presently the PC has a 1.8 duo core processor , what options can my PC support for upgrading the CPU ? I would like a CPU around the 2.2 or 3.0 duo core processor range .

Thankyou .

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February 25, 2010 4:34:34 PM

Your dell has an old 965 chipset. A sure upgrade would be the e6600 at 2.4 for $118 at starmicro. Anything newer may not work or cost way too much. If you want to change out the motherboard, then the foxconn G41M-s for around $68 shipped at newegg will allow you to run newer faster wolfdale's and quads. Your old board doesn't support quads. Before you decide, read some faqs. It's not as easy as some will tell you. I remember my first build. You have to be patient and draw some diagrams as you go.
March 5, 2010 10:27:56 PM

o1die said:
Your dell has an old 965 chipset... If you want to change out the motherboard, then the foxconn G41M-s for around $68 shipped at newegg will allow you to run newer faster wolfdale's and quads.

Interesting reply because my belief was that with my Dell Opti 745 (E6400 w/ Q965 chipset) would not accept any mobo other than a Dell mobo. My understanding is that any mobo other than a Dell mobo would not allow bios from Dell or allow the Dell originally supplied OS to work.

Am I wrong? I hope so.
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March 5, 2010 10:51:05 PM

You are correct about reusing a dell board. But dell boards are quite expensive even when used. And your reply about the operating system is the reason why. Buying a new non dell board for around $50 and reinstalling the windows operating system may be a better solution. Dell uses alot of foxconn boards, so you may get lucky and avoid a hardrive format. I have used the dell vista cd on non dell boards with dell coa sticker to reactivate windows, and it worked. For hp, it won't work. Microsoft software can detect when the coa sticker and installation version don't match when you go to activate windows. Microsoft won't activate another brand with an hp coa sticker number. But with your system, it may work with foxconn, since dell uses so many of their boards. Good luck
March 6, 2010 12:12:02 AM

o1die said:
... Dell uses alot of foxconn boards, so you may get lucky and avoid a hardrive format. Good luck

Well alright! This puts a completely different spin on my options. Thanks.
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March 6, 2010 11:46:43 AM

I would suggest you simply try the foxconn board without touching your files, or back them up first with a program such as norton ghost. If the foxconn board doesn't work, either return it and pay a restocking fee or sell it on your local craigslist.
October 7, 2011 1:10:37 AM

Actually this Dell Optiplex 745 can support a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 or and Q6700. I own one of these machines with a Q6600 in it with Windows 7 and 8GB of RAM and it runs great! :wahoo: 
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July 21, 2012 10:16:06 PM

I dropped a £20 [GBP] (somebody throwing away a non-working quad-core motherboard) Q6600 into my old 2nd hand DELL Optiplex 745. It worked pretty much straight away... However my first attempt at upgrading the memory has not.

Could CharlieWalker please tell me exactly what memory he used to take his DELL Optiplex 745 up to 8GB. I have tried upgrading but the memory I tried does not work. (Beeps noisily at startup before wrong version of Windows 7 has chance to load). Tried multiple times just to take the motherboard from 3GB (2x1GB+2x512MB) to 4GB (2x2GB).

It would really help as the Optiplex is only on 3GB at the moment :)  .
March 25, 2013 12:15:58 AM

In regards to the processors, as long as your bios is current, you can use any Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad that runs at 1066Mhz FSB. I have one of these machines (as our htpc) and have a C2D E6700 (2.66Ghz) in it. For quads, Q6600/Q6700 are your only options as all the other use 1333Mhz FSB. In regards to the motherboard, these machines use BTX cases (instead of ATX) so just buying any old motherboard will not do as you will quickly realize that the orientation of everything will be backwards. So, I'd either go for a Core 2 Duo (which can be had pretty cheaply nowadays, depending on the model) the Q6600/Q6700 (which can be found but can be pricey), or try to get your hands on one of the newer dell boards, as mentioned, so you can use the new Wolfdale core based Core 2's. I have a machine with the E8400 in it and it is super snappy. 3Ghz w/6MB L2 Cache. As far as memory goes, the dell's can be picky, and if MY memory serves me correctly, this board will revert to 667Mhz operating speed for the memory when you install 8GB. I have 4GB DDR2-800 (PNY brand) in mine and have never come close to utilizing it all. You'll also get better performance memory-wise if you use dual channel mode (by having the same capacity of memory in each channel, for example 6GB would use 1x 2GB and 1x 1GB in each channel)