Possible to copy settings?

I want to overclock my CPU (i7 - 3770K with Corsair h100 cooling) (+16GB @2133)

Now I don't trust myself yet to go and overclock.. And I currently don't have time to run tests for a couple of days. So isn't it possible to copy the exact settings from a succesful overclock?

So what if a random person on the internet overclocked his i7-3770K stable on .. let's say 4,4Ghz.. (Maybe on same, or worse cooling so my cooling wont be the bottleneck)
What if i copied all of his settings exactly as he has it. exact voltage etc. etc.
Will it be the same stable overclock then, or am i just talking *** now?

I really wondered if this will work, hope you can help.
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  1. Your biggest margin of error likely will be your voltage requirements and could end up running more or less voltage than needed for your specific CPU at the speed that John Doe states he got at the settings he has.
  2. Wait until you DO have the time to play with, theres seldom a quick fix and unlucky calls cost too much to risk
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