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Hey guys, it has been about a year since I dropped my old system on the icy driveway, and I was looking to get a new one for myself for this holiday season. I have about $800 to spend, and wanted your advice on my current set up.

i5 750:

I'm a bit worried that I'm investing too much into the GPU which will be limited by the i5. Is the processor good enough to not limit my performance, if not what is your recommendation? I simply don't have enough to upgrade to a 1356 socket processor, any advice is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Would it be worth it to shell out for the i7 860:
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  1. you should look at this combo deal:

    it is 45 $ over your budget, but it is extremely good. idk if you need os, hdd, case, psu, but if you do, there ya go :)
  2. Thanks for the information, i didn't see those combos and I do need a psu. Though, I still need some info about balancing a processor with a gpu, especially concerning, but not limited to, the 5850.
  3. The i5 is more than enough for the 5850. (Have i5/5850 setup, i5@4ghz) The i5 is an excellent platform for gaming, and performs better than the i7 in some games.

    Good luck finding a 5850 for retail ($260). They are great cards, but I don't think they are worth the premium right now.

    The only reason to go with an i7 860 is for helps in some applications but does not affect gaming at all.
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