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Alright I am having a little problem here. On a fresh build and trying to tweak the last few things I noticed that the "auto" ram setting on the gigabyte bios (ga-880ga-ud3h) has my g skill 1600 DDR3 ram (F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL) set at 1333. Looked at the timings for "auto mode" and they were correct @ 9-9-9-24 but for the command rate it was just "--" listed in the bios. Tried leaving everything on auto and taking over the multi. Moved it from 6.6 to 8.0 to get the 1600mhz. System is not stable like this, crashes in the first 5 min of booting. Noticed in CPU-Z that the bios has the command rate set @ 1t. Per G skill's site the ram is 9-9-9-24-2t. From what I have seen is it possible that the 1t 1333 setting will be faster than setting the timing manually to 1600 and 2t? I have not tested this and do not know if it will be stable, but since the setting was at 1t I assume that it was my stability issue. Also will running this 2t rated ram at 1t have any adverse effects? Just trying to figure out which route I should go here. I have a 955be AM3 chip and have the multi up .5 over factory and the FSB up 11mhz from factory so the ram is running currently at 9-9-9-24-1t at 1406mhz. This seems stable and has run prime95 for over an hour with no problems. This puts my cpu clock @ 3481mhz
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  1. DId you also check the Voltage setting ?? --- the default for DDR3 is 1.5V and most 1600Mhz. modules are 1.65V or higher --- the reason the modules default to 1333 is because that is the default for the DDR3 spec @1.5V so most MOBO's will default to that so that no matter what modules you buy the system will at least boot so that you can then go into the BIOS and set them to the actual spec of the module -- if they tried to do it the other way and default to a higher speed or voltage it could cause systems with lower spec'd modules to not boot or function since they could not access the BIOS to change the settings if the board would not boot.
  2. ^+1 exactly up your dram voltage
  3. Get and run a copy of CPU-Tweaker; click on the SPD button - the right-most (or, for some RAM, the right-most two) column(s) will show you, pretty much, all the values you'll need to set, including the voltage...
  4. Ram voltage is set at 1.5v in bios, according to g-skill's site 1.5 is the correct voltage. Although, it does show my actual voltage at 1.488, is it worth trying to tweak this up to 1.5 exactly?
  5. I'd bump it up just a bit (one or 2 increments in the BIOs) - a little bit of a voltage increase will be fine and may help the system stability.
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