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I was trying to run world of warcraft on my desktop: dell 8200, which worked fine on windows xp but i recently upgraded to windows 7. Now, im havn a few problems. When i try to load the game, itll give me an error message: "unable to start up 3d acceleration. please make sure directx 9.0c is installed and your video drivers are up-to-date." I also had a "plug and play configuration error", but i reset cmos and it went away. I ran the directx diagnostic tool and it shows im using directx 11. I also ran the driver detective software and it shows all my drivers are up-to-date......im so lost at this point. my graphics card is a Nvidia geforce 2mx and never had a problem with graphics acceleration before. I never looked at the description in device manager before, but looking at it in windows 7, it shows im using a "standard VGA graphics adapter". like i said, not sure what its supposed to read cause i never checked it while using windows xp. Any help with this would be much appreciated....thanks.
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  1. I'd try updating directx from here

    The problem probably is that there is no win 7 driver for a card as old as the geforce 2, is it possible to upgrade to a newer card?
  2. I was afraid of that. :( id prolly just as well get a new computer cause this one wont be worth the new card i put in it. Th at was one of my solutions, but was hoping to avoid it....thanks for the help
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