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Hey guys

I've upgraded my PC with a new motherboard/memory/CPU/power supply and my new power supply suddenly makes a buzzing sound depending on the load of the PC. (When I'm scrolling for example it's silent). Funny thing is though that even my old PSU makes sound now with this new setup while it was quiet before. So I have no idea what the problem could be other then looking at my motherboard. :)

The sound is easily audible from the back of the PSU on both units and it's driving me insane. I can't hear it with headset on thankfully!

Motherboard: GA-P55A-UD3 (Old motherboard was P5Q Pro)
CPU: Core i5 750
Power Supply: Corsair HX620 and a CoolerMaster M620

This with some 4GB memory and a GTX260.

I also googled but no one seems to be having the same problem as me with 2 different PSU's. Fixing with another PSU obviously doesn't work? :)
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  1. Open it up and make sure that the PSU is secured properly and there are no loose screws or anything it may be rattling when its fan starts up. Also make sure that there is nothing that might be interfering with its fan like a small wire or something as that would cause a buzz as well.
  2. I've taken it apart, rebuilt it again... used both PSU's... still makes a sound. Come on, BOTH PSU's used... one was quiet before I upgraded to this set. I still have the older motherboard around but no CPU so I can't power it up fully to test if this is another issue. (It's a socket 775)
  3. i have the same problem...with a biostar lga775 mobo.
    i have posted a question about, apparantly its a coil in te psu vibrating?...
    apparnely its no bid deal but i agree its hecka annoying.
  4. That is false, I tried it with another motherboard (P5Q Pro with a E6500) and both PSU's are silent :P
  5. It is probably a case of electromagnetic interference emanating from the motherboard.

    1. Disconnect the pc case front panel audio cables from the motherboard and see what happens.

    2. Disconnect the mouse and see what happens.
  6. Both didn´t make a difference but I found a solution :)

    Apparently this is a problem most Socket 1156 motherboards share cause of the power saving features. I went to the BIOS and turned off the following

    MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.)” -> “Advanced Frequency Settings” -> “Advanced CPU Core Features”:

    turned off “CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)”
    turned off “C3,C6,C7 State Support”

    After I turned this off, the problem ceased to exist and now my power supplies are both silent as can be.
  7. That's great!
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